GenuTrain® S Pro

Knee support for greater lateral stability with protection function

For mild to moderate instability of the knee, the GenuTrain S Pro is the perfect aid. Lateral joint splints with integrated restrictive capacity prevent painful movements. At the same time, the elastic Train knit fabric exerts a pain-relieving intermittent compression massage during movement to promote healing. This activates the leg muscles, helping your knee to regain stability.

  • High level of lateral stability
  • Additional protection from the outside
  • Protection against painful movements
  • Optional joint restriction

Secure guidance of movement and restriction of range of motion

For mild to moderate instability of the knee, a support with higher stability is recommended. GenuTrain S Pro offers just that. It features joint splints on both sides of the knee. These guide the joint and can restrict the bending or stretching of the knee joint as needed.

A functional cushion made of silicone softly surrounds your kneecap and holds it securely in position. Lateral joint splints guide your knee and provide additional protection against undesired movements. Straps on the thigh and lower leg guarantee a firm and secure fit. GenuTrain S Pro has large tightening straps, making it easier to put on.

More stability during movement and faster recovery

With each movement, the soft Train knit fabric of the GenuTrain S Pro exerts pain-relieving compression and an intermittent compression massage. In doing so, it activates the stabilizing leg muscles and improves their coordination. At the same time, it promotes the metabolism. This helps to reduce swelling and also relieves pain.

Lateral stays with hinges are the core functional element of the support. They offer passive stabilization as well as active muscular stabilization of the joint thanks to the knitted fabric. This makes it different from conventional knee supports or rigid elements.

Measurement and product range


  • Mild to moderate instability
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Arthritis (e.g. primary chronic polyarthritis)
  • Meniscus injuries