SecuTec® Genu

Stabilizing knee orthosis for securely guided movement

SecuTec Genu stabilizes the injured knee and protects it from damaging incorrect movements to boost the healing process. The anatomically contoured orthosis features a lightweight, slim frame and Velcro straps with practical quick-fit fasteners. They allow quick donning and doffing and provide the perfect fit. The soft strap material and breathable microfiber cushioning ensure excellent wearing comfort.

  • Stabilizes and relieves the knee after injuries to the cruciate ligament and meniscus
  • Lightweight, slim and comfortable
  • Gentle restriction of bending and stretching, or immobilization of the knee joint

Allowing movement in a limited range

The causes for an unstable knee can range from a simple ligament tear all the way to a kneecap fracture. Depending on the severity of the injury, the physician will suggest conservative therapy or recommend surgery. In any case, the recovery process can only be successful if you regularly move your knee afterwards.

Initially, however, this requires a restricted range of motion: any movement in the wrong direction or beyond a certain angle could undo your recovery progress. SecuTec Genu stabilizes the injured knee and protects it from damaging movement according to the four-point principle. Depending on the physician’s recommendation, the knee joint’s angle of bending and stretching can be limited, or complete immobilization achieved.

Fit again fast

The knee orthosis allows a gradual approach to strength training and relieves all the ligaments. Thanks to its frame and four-point principle, it counteracts knee joint instability. SecuTec Genu is available in two versions (frontal and dorsal), so your physician can choose the best treatment option for you: both consist of lightweight and slim frames for the thigh and lower leg, where different sizes can be combined freely and shaped to fit precisely. The thigh and lower leg frames are connected by hinges and secured with a total of six Velcro straps with user-friendly quick-fit fasteners.

Once configured by an orthotist, you can put on and take off the knee orthosis quickly: a huge advantage for wound management and physical therapy. Depending on the version, SecuTec Genu features a height-adjustable calf strap (frontal version) or a flexible frame section in the calf area (dorsal version) that guarantee the perfect fit at all times. The soft strap material and breathable microfiber cushioning ensure that this orthosis is comfortable to wear. In this way, SecuTec Genu supports your treatment so you can get moving again more quickly, after all: being active is the key to good health!

Measurement and product range


  • Instabilities after rupturing the anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL)
  • After ligament surgery/syndesmoplasty
  • Complex instabilities (traumatic, degenerative)
  • To restrict the range of movement of the knee (for example, after collateral ligament injuries, meniscal suturing or meniscal implantation)