Combat your knee pain – your Train support will help you

In cases of acute pain, during treatment, and beyond

The Train supports have been designed to provide lasting effects and to reliably accompany you through life: if you’re suffering from acute back or joint pain, the innovative knitted fabric and patented two-component pads have been proven to ensure a noticeable and immediate effect that can quickly alleviate your pain. After this first aid, your recovery must be supported so you can be active again. This is what the support’s compression does. It means you can quickly return to everyday activities and start your exercise program using the Bauerfeind Treatment App. In order to stay active afterwards, your support will continue to help you – be it to reduce chronic pain or prevent new problems. Medical experts also recommend the use of Train supports during treatment. Their effectiveness has been proven in scientific studies.


Prompt pain relief

The Train support can immediately alleviate your pain, while the massage effect ensures increased proprioception.


Rapid recovery

Effective compression provides you with the perfect recovery. In combination with the Bauerfeind Treatment App, you will quickly be active again.


Lasting benefits

Your Train support will alleviate your problems in the long term. Use your support for prevention as well and stay active with the Treatment App.

Do you want the best for your health? So do we.

That is why we have developed the Train range: innovative medical technology and high-quality materials provide you with unique quality that has been proven to be effective. This means you can quickly alleviate back and joint pain and be active again.

Our free Treatment App offers you a personalized training program that has been specifically adapted to your problems and your product because we want you to overcome your pain so you can move freely again. Get your Train support now!

"Nearly two thirds of patients experience less pain with the GenuTrain knee support."

Source: Schween R, Gehring D, Gollhofer A (2015)
Immediate Effects of an Elastic Knee Sleeve on Frontal
Plane Gait Biomechanics in Knee Osteoarthritis.

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Which Train support is best for you?

Find the right support for you: do you feel joint pain in the elbow, knee, or ankle? Or is it your lumbar spine that hurts?

Choose the right support from our Train range.

Actively combating pain – with our Train supports

How to get your Train support


Get advice on site!
Find a suitable retailer near you.

Simply visit a medical supply retailer near you – you can buy a Train support there at any time. If you have a prescription, the cost of the support will be largely covered by your health insurance company.

Get back to being fit
with the app to go with your support!

Exercise is crucial for your well-being. That is why our Treatment App will provide you with a personalized training program that has been adapted specifically to your symptoms – just like your Train support. Together, they are the perfect combination for your rapid, effective, and lasting recovery.

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Do you want to understand your pain a little better? Find out more here!

Ein junger Mann ist an einem Sandstrand und führt eine Yogaübung durch. Er trägt eine GenuTrain, eine Kniegelenksbandage von Bauerfeind, am linken Knie. Diese wirkt stabilisierend und aktivierend.

Knee pain

Whether when walking or taking the stairs, on the outside or the inside of the knee: find out what’s causing your knee pain – and what you can do about it.