Das Bild zeigt, wie drei Frauen gut gelaunt und eng umschlungen auf einer frühlingshaften Wiese entlangspazieren.

The days are getting longer, birds are singing, and the first flowers are blossoming
– spring is here at last!

After a long and dark winter, warm rays of sunshine entice us to go outside, and we finally want to enjoy some nice weather. But then it strikes: springtime lethargy. We will explain what this is all about and how you can nevertheless make a healthy start to spring full of energy. Our vitality test should help you with this.

We want you to enjoy spring and your life full of energy and in good health. To find out what your well-being and fitness are currently like, we have developed a vitality test with specialist medical support. Find out in just a few minutes what’s going well – and where you may need support.

Springtime lethargy
– symptoms and causes

Spring entices you to go outside and let the sun shine on your face. But do you find you can’t get going properly despite looking forward to it? Perhaps you spent a lot of the winter indoors and got a bit too comfortable. Or you may not have exercised for a while so starting (again) seems hard. Add to that springtime lethargy that currently affects a lot of us – and before you know it, your urge to move is brought to a halt. But why is that?

Most of us will know the problem: after a cold and dark winter, warm sunshine entices us to go outside. But instead of making the most of spring and feeling full of energy, we’re weary and listless. This is sometimes coupled with circulation problems, dizziness, headaches, or irritability.

But where does this springtime lethargy come from? One of the causes may simply be the changing of the seasons. Changing temperatures and light conditions impact our biological rhythm and hormonal balance. The body is set for a higher level of activity in a way. However, this needs some time – and during this transition, we feel exhausted more often.

But don’t get discouraged! There are tips you can keep in mind that help conquer springtime lethargy. Plus, spring also represents new beginnings. So it’s a good time to check where you’re currently at in life – and where you want to be. We will help you on your journey!

Whether you want to discover the joy of exercise or you want to continue with previous sporting success – it’s always a good time to start over. Say good-bye to springtime lethargy, treat your body and your soul, and start spring without pain but with a whole lot of levity!

Starting spring healthily

The best tip for conquering springtime lethargy is this: get outside and drink in the daylight. Being outdoors helps the body to adjust to the new season as well as changed light conditions and temperatures.

Furthermore, sunlight can help with the body’s production of vitamin D. But remember that even the sun in spring can be very strong. If your skin is sensitive to the rays of the sun or you have problems like a sun allergy, you have to be extra careful. So if you’re in any doubt, make sure you use sunscreen appropriate to your skin.

If your skin is up for it and you’re equipped with sunscreen – if required – you can simply go and sit in a café or on a park bench and let the sun spoil you. To declare war on springtime lethargy and to improve your well-being, nothing is better than exercise in the fresh air!

Outdoor sports


Outdoor sports in nature don’t just help with springtime lethargy. Regular moderate exercise does a lot more for your well-being. Living out your natural urge to move can strengthen your immune system, for example, reduce stress, and therefore make you more calm and resilient. If you stick with your training and continue to be active regularly, you will likely notice progress and feel fitter, more energetic, and stronger – mentally, too.


Das Bild zeigt einen Mann, der mit einem Fahrrad in den Bergen unterwegs ist und dabei eine EpiTrain Bandage trägt, um Ellenbogenschmerzen zu lindern.

In other words, moderate exercise is a very good way to benefit your health and well-being. Even if you have previously been more of a couch potato or you haven’t trained for a while, starting (again) is definitely worth it. Once you’ve found a sport that suits you, you won’t want to stop.

Symbol, welches die Absprache mit dem Arzt symbolisiert

Get advice and support

If, based on your physical constitution, a preexisting condition, regular joint problems, or back pain, you’re not sure whether you should exercise or which sport is best for you, please consult your physician. You can discuss together what in particular you have to bear in mind. To provide your body with additional support during exercise, medical retailers have appropriate products for your training. We will also give you useful tips so nothing will stand in the way of your joy of movement. 

To find out what your well-being and fitness are currently like, we have developed a vitality test with specialist medical support. Find out in just a few minutes what’s going well – and where you may need support.

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Outdoor sports for beginners and the advanced

Sport in nature is perfect to start spring healthily. And even moderate exercise has a huge impact. After all, it’s not about breaking records but to increase your joie de vivre, health, and vitality.

Options for outdoor activities are practically limitless. It’s best to choose a sport that works on endurance, strength, and coordination as well as mental health. For beginners, sports where you can determine the intensity yourself are particularly suitable. That means you can start at any time and rediscover the joy of movement in nature.

Your active start to spring with the right support

When nice weather entices us to go outside and springtime lethargy needs to be conquered, we rarely lack motivation. But a feeling of insecurity often creeps in. If you haven’t exercised for a while, you may be worried that you’re subjecting your body to too much strain. This may be the case in particular if you have a preexisting condition or physical symptoms.


It’s best if you discuss with your physician whether you can do your chosen sport without having to worry. To live out your urge to move free from worries, there are suitable medical products that will support you. Seek advice from a medical retailer and ask your physician for the relevant prescription.

Find the right medical products for you

Auf dem Bild ist ein Mann zu sehen, der im Garten Obst pflückt und dabei eine Bauerfeind Ellenbogenbandage trägt. Die EpiTrain bietet Unterstützung bei Tennisellenbogen-Beschwerden im Alltag und kann dazu beitragen, Schmerzen zu lindern.

The knees can quite often be wobbly: wear or conditions such as osteoarthritis can quickly cause a feeling of insecurity. But also the elbow and the wrist can be weak areas. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from incorporating more exercise into your life: special supports and orthoses are suitable to alleviate pain and to ensure increased stability.



Zu sehen ist eine Frau beim Nordic Walking in der Natur, die eine LumboTrain Lady Bandage trägt, um ihren Rücken zu entlasten.

Back pain is a classic widespread condition. In particular the lumbar spine takes a lot of punishment. In cases of acute pain or when subjected to strain, a back support can be advisable. It activates your torso muscles, it can alleviate pain in the lower back, and relax tense muscles during movement.



Bildausschnitt mit drei Frauenbeinen, die VenoTrain Kompressionsstrümpfe tragen, um schweren, müden Beinen vorzubeugen.

Your veins perform an outstanding job every day. Many people don’t know that the majority of adults is affected by weak veins. Medical compression stockings are therefore an important tool for maintaining your vein health in the long term and alleviating possible symptoms.



Bildausschnitt eines Wanderschuhs, der mit einer GloboTec Comfort Einlage versehen wird. Diese unterstützt die Füße beim Wandern und Nordic Walking.

Valgus, high-arched, arch-decreased, or splay foot? These types of misalignment are common unfortunately. While they’re not particularly noticeable in younger years, they do have a huge impact on your health over time. Special orthopedic foot orthoses are a treat not only for your feet but also for your whole body – especially when you’re active and exercising.



Exercise beats springtime lethargy

Once you have found medical products suitable for you, nothing will stand in the way of exercising in nature. So, start spring with energy and good health – enjoy the fresh air and the springtime sunshine!

The treatment.