BODYTRONIC® 140 from Rothballer

The digital blueprint

The foot scanner system is available in two designs: The basic scanner performs the foot scan within eight seconds. The high-speed scanner calculates the data within two seconds. Both scanners produce exactly the same measurements and picture quality. The accompanying Rothballer software offers a wide variety of extra functions to support you in providing comprehensive foot care and shoe products:

  • Customer management
  • Treatment documentation
  • 1:1 display and printout
  • Automatic shoe size recognition

Measurement technique

The customer adopts a relaxed stance while barefoot, with both feet on the scanner. The scan head moves across the complete scan area once, capturing the shape and two-dimensional topography of the feet and transmitting these to the software for analysis and documenting.

Analysis and documentation

The digital image can be used to identify pressure points, changes in the skin, and foot deformities. The foot shape can also be identified. The data analysis helps to customize therapeutic foot orthoses or can be used as a basis for modeling milled orthoses with the BODYTRONIC ID:CAM.