BODYTRONIC® 150 from medilogic

The new WLAN sole

The next generation in wireless, dynamic foot pressure measurement.

Maximum mobility with

  • fast data transmission over WLAN
  • an internal memory that records data immediately
  • long measurement times thanks to a powerful battery

Optimized analysis and evaluation

  • tried-and-tested software and the latest technology
  • intuitive and user-friendly
  • max. 400 Hz scanning frequency per sensor

Measurement technique

After putting on the shoes and attaching the radio transmitter, the customer walks or runs. This allows the system to measure the pressure distribution on the sole of the foot during movement. Pressure sensors capture the data and forward it to the software.


The calculated measurement values can be displayed using isobaric, sensor, or 3D representation. Pressure and load points are displayed graphically and color-coded according to their maximum and average intensity. The color scale ranges from blue (low pressure) to red (high pressure). In addition, the gait line and cyclograms are displayed to allow gait rhythm and asymmetry to be displayed and analyzed based on comparison parameters.