Transportable 3D measurement technology system for mobile use

Bodytronic 410 is the highly compact and user-friendly 3D measurement system for use when providing supports, orthoses, and compression stockings for the lower part of the body, and for taking 3D measurements of the foot as a basis for making lasts. During the process, the surface of the feet and legs up to the waist is recorded digitally using a sensor, i.e. completely without the need for physical contact. Foam imprints can also be scanned in, and the data used for creating individual milled orthoses using BODYTRONIC ID:CAM.

  • Transportable: Lightweight and compact dimensions for flexible use
  • Fast: Measurement and generation of the 3D model take place at the same time
  • Contact-free: The lower body is measured using infrared deep sensors


No physical contact whatsoever is needed for measuring using the Bodytronic 410. Furthermore, it only takes a few moments so it is convenient for the customer and the technician. The barefoot customer stands still on the platform while wearing underwear and is then scanned by the infrared deep sensor. This measuring process is completely harmless to humans. The related software immediately generates a precise three-dimensional image of the customer which, from the waist to the feet, contains all relevant measurement points to determine the product.

Requires little space and can therefore be used anywhere

Thanks to its practical dimensions and light weight of only 23.6 kg, the Bodytronic 410 3D measurement system can be used in one place just as well as a portable system. Set-up requires only a few steps so the device can be used immediately and dismantled quickly afterwards to allow flexible measuring in different locations. To save space on storage, the measurement arm can be folded.

Optimized measurement and order process

The Bodytronic 410 measurement system is linked to the Bauerfeind online shop, making the entire process easier from the measurement and configuration stages right through to placing the order in just a few minutes, all from the same system. In addition to saving time and money because errors are minimized, contact-free customer treatment is another advantage. This ensures the highest hygiene standards at all times – despite what little space the system requires.