Ein Mann steht an einem Camper-Van und dehnt sein Bein. Er trägt eine SecuTec OA von Bauerfeind am rechten Knie gegen seine Kniearthrose.

In cases of osteoarthritis, supports and orthoses for the knee can be very helpful. They provide relief, stabilization and pain reduction. Find out in this article how supports differ from orthoses – and which medical product is right for your knee.

Continuous, monotonous movements strain the body’s structures. A lot of standing, sitting or kneeling, for example, is stressful - especially for the knees. Our biggest joint is able to support high pressure, but it also needs rest in order to recover. Enduring to much over a long period damages the cartilage. This often results in:

Diagnosis osteoarthritis of the knee.

Whether at home, during leisure time or at work: supports and orthoses relieve the knee joint and reduce pain. In this way, they help patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee to stay mobile – or to become mobile again. A physician will decide which orthopedic aid should be used because the severity of the osteoarthritis and the treatment goal need to be borne in mind when selecting the knee support or orthosis.


Get to know knee osteoarthritis products

What effects do supports have on the knee joint?

A support braces the knee without restricting freedom of movement. Knee supports consist of an elastic compression knit that fits snugly around the joint. The pressure that is exerted and the surface structure of the support knit stimulate certain areas of the knee. This activates the surrounding muscles and improves proprioception.

Tip: Supports are most effective when you’re moving. Over time, you will learn in which situations you need help from the support.

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 knee support was specifically developed for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. The support braces the knee and stimulates the skin’s sensory cells and receptors in deeper tissue. This has a positive influence on sensorimotor function, muscles are activated, and the knee is stabilized. Additionally, the support keeps the kneecap centered. Thanks to intermittent compression, the components and the knitted fabric activate the metabolism in the entire knee. The integrated pad secures the kneecap and massages particularly painful areas with its massage nubs. This provides significant relief and pain reduction. Thanks to its integrated expansion zone, the GenuTrain A3 is particularly easy to put on. 


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Ein Mann mit Kniebandage von Bauerfeind beim Joggen. Im Hintergrund ist das Meer und der Strand erkennbar.

What do patients need to look out for when buying a support?

“It’s really important that the product is made out of anatomically knitted fabric. This is the only way the support can fit perfectly, like a second skin,” Beatrice Brücher, Bauerfeind Product Manager, says. That is why the knee has to be measured by a specialist. Based on the knee measurements, the specialist medical supply retailer chooses a suitable support size.

Beatrice Brücher, Produktmanagerin bei der Bauerfeind AG, empfiehlt einen Arztbesuch bei der Auswahl der passen Kniebandage oder -orthese.

An effective support must fit perfectly, like a second skin.

Beatrice Brücher
Product Manager Bauerfeind

“Wearing a knee support should always be discussed with the physician,” the Product Manager advises. Beatrice Brücher also recommends always consulting a physician before changing from a support to an orthosis.

When is a knee orthosis used with osteoarthritis?

At an advanced stage of osteoarthritis of the knee (grade 2), the medical product must provide additional stabilization and support. Special knee orthoses provide additional support and relieve painful joints.

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain OA orthosis was specifically developed for osteoarthritis of the knee and features an innovativerelief and stabilization system. It allows patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee to be more active, even over longer periods of time. The straps of the orthosis wrap around the knee in a figure-of-eight shape. This relieves the painful area at the side of the knee, thus reducing pain. In this way, the GenuTrain OA not only effectively alleviates pain, but also enables patients to get moving again, feeling less pain.


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With the Boa® Fit System, patients can adjust the degree of relief themselves, thus adapting it to their specific activities. The GenuTrain OA is lightweight and particularly comfortable to wear, thanks to its breathable 3D mesh knit and pressure-free bending zone at the back of the knee.