More length on the stomach, more room for the back

[Translate to English:] 20 centimeters of additional abdominal circumference when the fastening extension is attached at the right and left.

A fastening extension is now also available for the LordoLoc back orthosis, which extends the adjustable abdominal circumference by 10 centimeters. The fastening extension is attached on one side to the abdominal fastening with its Velcro attachment. If required, a second fastening extension can be attached to the other side. Then the range of possible treatment is increased by a total of 20 centimeters. The “long” fastening extension in the range of accessories for back orthoses fits all LordoLoc sizes from 1 to 6. This creates a new treatment option for patients with an abdominal circumference between 130 and 150 centimeters. Retailers quickly have the next biggest LordoLoc size at hand if the required size is currently not in stock, meaning that patients can be treated immediately in acute cases.

Thanks to its circular compression and the corset stays integrated in the firm material, the orthosis helps to slightly straighten the lumbar spine and therefore alleviates lumbar pain. Its tensioning straps exert controlled force and regulate the stabilizing effect.