Air-cushioned ankle orthosis with a new comfort design and integrated pump

The new AirLoc for acute care

The AirLoc now combines protection for the injured ankle with maximum comfort, thus setting a new benchmark for acute care. The orthosis that restricts movement provides secure stabilization in shoes. To ensure a comfortable wearing sensation, its shells are anatomically contoured and cushioned on the inside with ribbed foam in a soft microfiber top cover. The Velcro straps to secure the product are also anatomically contoured, and their route takes the conical shape of the lower leg into account.

Convenient for everyday activities: pump and valve for the lateral air cushion are integrated and positioned on the outside of the AirLoc. In this way, patients can adjust the pain-reducing compression at the push of a button and adapt it to the current degree of swelling.

A convenient solution in emergencies: all trauma patients can be treated with the AirLoc. The product is available in a universal size and can be put on the left or right leg. It adapts to the individual foot width, thanks to its elastic shell connection under the heel bone.