New knitted fabric for LumboTrain/LumboTrain Lady

Back supports should feel good to wear all-round – the new high-low knitted fabric with integrated comfort zones fulfills this requirement. This knitted fabric of the new Train generation has markedly improved the effectiveness and comfort of LumboTrain and the fitted version LumboTrain Lady.

The anatomically shaped high-low knitted fabric has a more structured surface, ensuring a close fit around the center of the body and secure positioning during movement. The anatomically designed lumbar pad also fits better as a result and features 26 raised silicone nubs that generate a massage effect during movement in order to relieve muscular tension. Thanks to the improved fit, patients with back problems gain plenty of freedom of movement and the pain-relieving effect of the lumbar supports can be experienced to its full. LumboTrain and LumboTrain Lady have also been demonstrated to activate the muscles[1] through intermittent compression massage during movement. This proprioceptive stimulation leads to improved control of the stabilizing torso muscles and increased muscle activity. Full contact with the more structured high-low knitted fabric intensifies this effect.

Integrated comfort zones with larger interstices between the stitches are additional new features in the knitted fabric that allow the air to circulate more. This also increases comfort when the supports are worn during longer periods of intense movement.

[1] Anders, Christoph & Huebner, Agnes & Niemeyer, Friederike & Schilling, Kirsti. (2017). Effects of an abdominal belt on trunk muscle activity during treadmill walking. Biomech Open Lib. 1. 7-15.

Anders C, Hübner A (2019) Influence of elastic lumbar support belts on trunk muscle function in patients with non-specific acute lumbar back pain. PLoS ONE 14(1): e0211042.