Two versions of the restrictable hard frame orthosis for personalized knee treatment

SecuTec Genu now also available as a dorsal version

In addition to the existing version that is put on from the front, the SecuTec Genu knee orthosis will also be available in a dorsal option with an adjustable calf shell from May 3. The choice of two frame designs provides prescribers and healthcare professionals with increased flexibility when treating ligament and meniscus injuries as well as complex instabilities.

The new SecuTec Genu dorsal version is a Z splint. It provides the same stabilization according to the 4-point principle. Extension and flexion can be restricted independently. In order to ensure a secure fit, it features a unique calf shell with a self-adjusting angle of inclination. That means the orthosis lies flat against the shape of the lower leg and is comfortable to wear. It is particularly suitable for knee patients who have a sensitive tibial edge. The existing frontal version is ideal if patients cannot or should not bend their leg because it can be put on the extended leg from the front.

You can order both SecuTec Genu versions from your local Bauerfeind sales representative or by sending an e-mail to the International Customer Service at