Support with friction pad and optional heel wedges

The new AchilloTrain to treat the Achilles tendon

Bauerfeind is now offering a new AchilloTrain for reducing Achilles tendon problems. With its high friction pad and optional heel wedges that can simply be inserted into footwear, the compression support provides targeted relief in cases of acute and persistent irritation.

Effective along the entire tendon path

The new AchilloTrain extends to the lower calf base and offers medically effective compression from the beginning of the heel bone to the calf muscle transition. The support’s knitted fabric is anatomically contoured and features a highly textured surface that ensures the perfect fit and secure positioning. Its high friction pad fully surrounds the Achilles tendon. In conjunction with the knitted fabric, it massages the tendon tissue and muscles during movement. This boosts circulation, supports healing, and ensures proprioceptive stimulation.

Nubs on the inside below the ankles provide targeted stimuli to activate the body’s own stabilizing processes in the ankle. The pad’s delicate meandering structure ensures relieving friction in a transverse direction along the tendon during movement.

Optional wedges to raise the heel

Two viscoelastic heel wedges provide additional relief. They are included in the delivery and can simply be placed in the shoe when needed. On the affected side, the heel wedge minimizes tension exerted by the calf muscles on the tendon. The second heel wedge compensates the other side to prevent incorrect posture.

Comfortable design ensures a high degree of compliance

The new AchilloTrain’s pad features small grip recesses at the top. These have been designed so the support can be pulled over the foot and lower leg more easily and quickly. An expansion zone in the knitted fabric above the shin bone also makes donning and doffing easier. The support’s surface is pleasantly soft on the skin and breathable. There is a soft flexion zone in the instep area as well as flexible, whip-stitched edging that does not constrict. The knitted fabric around the midfoot is as short as possible to prevent pressure on the fifth metatarsal bone. Additionally, the seam is laterally offset so it does not exert pressure on the instep.

Service information

The new AchilloTrain is available in six standard sizes and in titan, black, and beige. It can be worn on either the right or the left foot. New item numbers apply. You can receive further information from your local Bauerfeind Sales Representative or from International Customer Service, email: