CME-certified online further education, June 1, 19:00 - 21:00 CET

Winglet TV event on back pain therapy

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Back pain - a recurring issue: What are the chances of success with non-surgical and surgical procedures? On June 1 from 19:00-21:00 CET, spine experts discuss their therapy experiences in a live stream online on Winglet. Bauerfeind is supporting the organization of the event Individualized Treatment of Back Painon the video training platform for which participants will be awarded four post-live CME points. It will be conducted in German and English with simultaneous translation.

This event is interesting for anyone who treats patients with back pain and is directed at specialists in orthopedics, surgery and sports medicine, general practitioners, pain and rehabilitation physicians as well as physiotherapists and pain therapists.

Interested parties can register free of charge on the platform if they are not already signed up and can also watch the event live via web streaming free of charge. This continuing education is certified with four CME points for physicians situated in Germany and will be enabled post-live for all participants for a period of 12 months (cost: 29 euros). Physicians who are not situated in Germany can hand in their certificate to a local medical association (or similar institution) for the recognition of credits.

Expert knowledge about non-specific and specific back pain

In the first part of the event, Prof. Bernhard Greitemann (Münsterland Hospital, Bad Rothenfelde) and Prof. Hans-Raimund Casser (DRK Pain Center, Mainz) are joined by two authors of the German National Treatment Guidelines for Non-Specific Lower Back Pain to discuss their multimodal therapy approaches in cases involving chronic pain. One potential treatment option is technical orthopedics, for which Dr. Franz Landauer (Paracelsus Private Medical University Salzburg) will present the findings of his meta-analysis published in early 2022. The second part led by Prof. Tobias Pitzen (SRH Hospital Karlsbad-Langensteinbach) will focus on specific back pain and surgical procedures, presenting specific practical cases involving surgical spine treatment.