ErgoPad® work:h+

Orthopedic orthosis for work safety shoes

Whether arch-decreased foot and splay foot, skew foot or mild high-arched foot – foot or chronic heel and ankle pain can have various causes. For anyone whose daily work routine involves a lot of standing, walking, or heavy lifting, there is an additional risk of foot problems also impacting the knees, hip, and back. The ErgoPad work:h+ was specially developed as a solution for work safety footwear.

  • supports the foot arches in cases of occupational strain
  • relieves the fascia on the sole of the foot
  • cushions the painful heel area particularly with heel spurs

Relieving your feet at work

Out and about all day in work boots – it won’t be long until you suffer from foot pain, especially if you have a foot misalignment: the most common foot problems include arch-decreased foot and splay foot, skew foot or mild high-arched foot. The result is often more than just painful feet and heels because the entire body structure is affected. Knee and back pain may then be additional problems. Special orthopedic foot orthoses for work safety boots provide support and alleviate pain.

ErgoPad work:h+ is certified for numerous safety boots made by different manufacturers. It is also ESD-conductive, thanks to integrated carbon fibers. The foot orthosis’ tear-resistant and gripping bottom coating ensures that it remains securely in position in the shoe. The ErgoPad work:h+ is also characterized by its exceptional breathability. The synthetic core of the foot orthosis supports the foot arches and relaxes the tendons underneath the foot. A softly cushioned cut out in the heel area provides the heel with targeted relief.

Tested quality provided by experts

Foot orthoses for work safety shoes are only available from medical retailers. The orthotist will measure your feet and then use an orthotic blank to make a customized foot orthosis for you that will provide relief during work. Find safety footwear certified with ErgoPad work:h+ using our online shoe finder.