Heel cushion for targeted relief of acute heel and ankle pain

ViscoSpot relieves your chronic heel and ankle pain by providing optimal pressure distribution using three active zones with different levels of firmness: the especially soft white area provides targeted cushioning for the pain point. The somewhat firmer blue zone relieves the tendons and insertion points. The gray edge is the sturdiest zone. It guides the foot and provides stability at the start of the heel-to-toe movement.

  • Alleviates local heel and ankle pain
  • Particularly suitable for heel spurs
  • Different zones distribute the painful pressure

Construction of the foot orthosis

  • 01 The white zone –is particularly soft to achieve targeted pressure relief in the problem area – in cases of heel spurs, for example.
  • 02 The slightly firmer blue zone –relieves both the start and continuation of the inflamed plantar fascia and tissue structure.
  • 03 PowerWave –The wave-like contouring ensures a smooth transition between the individual zones. This reduces pressure at the edges and makes it more comfortable to wear.
  • 04 The firm gray zone –provides the hindfoot with the necessary support when you take a step.

A shock absorber for sensitive heels

The heel bears the pressure of our entire body weight. So it’s hardly surprising that many people experience extremely unpleasant pain with every step.

ViscoSpot provides targeted relief for the painful area of your heel. It acts as a shock absorber with every step. Three active zones with different levels of firmness optimally redistribute the pressure: the white area in the middle is exceptionally soft to cushion the precise pain point. The blue zone is somewhat firmer and relieves the tendons and insertion points. The sturdy gray edge guides the foot and provides stability. The transitions between the zones are very smooth thanks to the patented wave-shaped connections and cannot be felt on the heel. This also reduces the pressure on the edges.

Comfortable and easy to clean

ViscoSpot is adapted to the shape of the heel. In closed shoes, it cushions your heel softly, offering a perfect fit. The heel cushion consists of high-quality silicone. This makes it gentle on your skin, easy to clean and, thanks to modern production techniques, particularly durable. It fits without slipping in almost any shoe, whether for leisure, sports, or work. ViscoSpot is available as a set for both feet or individually with a compensating cushion for the other foot.


  • Calcaneal spur (Insertion tendopathy of the plantar aponeurosis)
  • Arthritis relief in the leg joints, hip or knee-prosthesis relief
  • Achillodynia – tendomyopathy
  • Haglund's deformity – partial relief
  • Leg length differences up to approx. 1 cm (evening out)
  • Plantar fasciitis (calcaneal pain)