Ein junger Mann sitzt auf einer Tribüne eines Stadions.

Baseball is a type of sport that doesn’t just require power, speed, and technical dexterity but also subjects the players to serious physical strain. The back is challenged in particular – for example during rotational movements when swinging the bat or picking up and throwing the ball at great speed. Rapid changes of direction and sudden stopping when chasing down the ball or reaching the next base also make a demand on athletes’ back muscles. As a result, the risk of injury is very high.

Correct posture and a clean execution of the movements are therefore key during baseball. In addition to the correct technique, the Guggenberger Legionäre Regensburg players also consistently work on their back muscles so they can deliver maximum performance at decisive moments.

After all, only when all players take care of their responsibilities can the team be successful. Bauerfeind’s back products provide the pros with additional external stability.

Support for high-performance sports

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Help on the playing field and beyond

In his mid 30s, Devon Ramirez, playing in the outfielder position for the Legionäre, is one of the oldest team members and knows back problems all too well: “When does my back cause trouble? As soon as I open my eyes,” jokes the American for whom baseball was a way out from difficult circumstances. He therefore has mixed feelings about his career as an elite athlete: “The amazing thing that baseball gave me was being able to play in different countries. Although they also ran you into the ground to some extent.”


Ein junger Mann trainiert im Fitnessstudio. Zur Unterstützung seines Rückens trägt er eine Lumboloc Forte Rückenorthese von Bauerfeind.

In addition to his exertions during baseball, his everyday working life as an International Key Account Manager is also a challenge for Devon’s back: “I realized in the past two years that I won’t be able to earn money by playing baseball for the rest of my life and that I need a ‘real job’. Sitting at a desk, staring at a computer all day is quite a change. I don’t normally sit still.”

Ein junger Mann lächelt in die Kamera. Er ist Baseballspieler und trägt die LumboLoc Forte Rückenorthese von Bauerfeind.

Here, people actually care that you’re feeling better so you can perform properly.

Devon Ramirez

LumboLoc Forte: Support for ongoing back pain

Ein junger Mann legt sich die LumboLoc Forte Rückenorthese von Bauerfeind an.

On the playing field and beyond, the LumboLoc Forte provides Devon with support. This Bauerfeind orthosis straightens the lumbar spine and is used in cases of severe ongoing pain. It reliably stabilizes the back using straps and integrated corset stays.


Find out more about the benefits as well as modes of action of the LumboLoc Forte and watch another video with Devon on the product details page!


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