Bildausschnitt zweier Beine, die von einem Holzsteg über das Wasser eines Sees baumeln. An den Füßen trägt die Person ein Paar ErgoPad:ID Zehentrenner von Bauerfeind.

We make such high demands on our feet every single day. At the same time, foot care is often neglected because the negative consequences of bad foot health are often underestimated. However, healthy feet are crucial for our whole body to function: not only the ankles and knees, but also the back, shoulders, or the neck can hurt if we neglect our foundation.

Getting active for the benefit of foot health is particularly easy during the summer or on vacation somewhere hot. This article summarizes five useful tips so every one of your steps is as comfortable as possible.

Tipp 1:

Exercises for healthy feet during the summer

Our feet are a complex miracle made up of bones, ligaments, and muscles – if their finely tuned interaction is impaired however, this will quickly manifest as foot problems. Foot pain is often based on misalignments, one-sided strain, or weak muscles. But with appropriate foot training, you can make sure your foot muscles are strong so you can prevent pain. In addition to various exercises, stretches and self-massage are also suitable, for example using a fascia roller or a massage ball. This will help you relieve stress, stimulate circulation, and tense or shortened muscles can relax again to fulfill their relevant functions.

Tipp 2:

Regularly walk barefoot

Auf dem Bild läuft eine junge Frau barfuß über einen weiten Sandstrand. Vor ihr rennt ein Kind, ebenfalls barfuß.

And speaking of exercises: effective foot training can also be achieved simply by walking barefoot, which is a particularly good option during the summer. All those nerve cells on the soles of our feet subtly perceive various surfaces in different ways, which activates sensorimotor function. That’s why it’s really beneficial for our feet to walk without shoes – at the beach, for example, in your garden, or your apartment. By ensuring variety and therefore providing new stimuli all the time, you contribute to the strengthening of your foot muscles. (A similar effect is achieved when you change shoes several times a day.)

But to avoid subjecting your feet to excessive strain on vacation, you shouldn’t walk barefoot for several hours on the very first day. Help your feet to gradually get used to their new freedom and strain. This will prevent painful muscles.

Tipp 3:

Don’t forget to relax your feet

You should also take good care of strained summer feet and allow them regular breaks. You can, for example, put your legs up after a long day on your feet or after some sporting activity to make the blood’s return flow easier. Or you indulge in a nice foot bath. The water temperature and various additions can influence the desired effect.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Beine, die sich im kalten Wasser abkühlen.

Tipp 4:

Choosing appropriate footwear

If not wearing shoes isn’t an option, it’s important that your footwear provides your feet with perfect support and protection at the same time. The crucial rule you must follow when choosing summer footwear is: your feet must not be constricted. They need space to fully expand during the natural heel-to-toe movement. That’s why the perfect fit is essential. If you depend on orthopedic foot orthoses because of a foot misalignment, you should ideally choose flat shoes with a removable footbed. Other properties should include a high level of breathability, skin-friendly materials, and excellent shock absorption.

During the summer, we enjoy wearing open footwear. But that differs hugely when it comes to quality: “flip-flops” for example have the reputation of being cheap and damaging to the feet because they don’t have a footbed and therefore don’t provide support. If you know you have a foot misalignment or other foot problems (for example associated with diabetes), conventional sandals should be avoided at all costs.

Tipp 5:

If you want to wear sandals, they must be ergonomic

If you can’t do without open, lightweight footwear on vacation, you should go for orthopedic sandals that have been tailor-made specifically for your feet and your needs. Once an orthotist has digitally measured your feet, our ErgoPad ID:Sandal will be individually manufactured and adapted to any possible foot problems. You will receive the finished one-off product within just a few days. Your sandal with footbed ensures increased stability and support compared with conventional models.

Das Bild zeigt ein Paar ErgoPad:ID Zehentrenner auf der Wasseroberfläche eines Pools. Die ergonomische Sandale bietet individuelle Unterstützung für die Füße.

So you can be healthy as well as fashionable, different colors of cushion layers and straps are available. Another advantage of our ergonomic sandals is the biocompatible materials that will benefit your feet.


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