An active life with osteoarthritis

The next generation of the GenuTrain A3

The GenuTrain A3 helps patients with osteoarthritis of the knee to stay active from an early stage. Starting November 1, the knee support is available in a new design. The knit fabric, stays and pad were enhanced to offer added comfort in movement therapy. The sizing system was expanded, and the new generation also includes the color black along with titan and beige.

In early therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee, the positive effect of compression on patients’ pain level and neuromuscular control can help them become more active again and prevent excessive strain on the knee joint. In long-term therapy, comfort plays a decisive role.The new GenuTrain A3, with its softer fabric weave and gentle popliteal area, offers high wearing comfort for patients who are often sensitive to pressure due to their age. Ergonomically shaped donning aids at the top of the side stays and the expansion zone in the knit at the calf make it easier to put on. Its two-component pad with nubbed friction zones and three prominent friction points offers targeted stimulation for areas that can relieve primarily medial pain following exercise and contribute to an improved sense of stability.

The heavily textured high-low knit and additional silicon dots on the upper edge of the support ensure secure positioning even with less firm connective tissue.

Standard sizes 1 to 7 with new measuring point

For an improved fit, the sizing system for the GenuTrain A3 was revised, Size 7 was added and the system was scaled at modified measuring points on the slightly bent leg (30°). The first measurement is still around the thigh 14 centimeters above the middle of the knee, the second circumference measurement is now taken at the narrowest point below the kneecap. This means that new item numbers will be introduced for orders placed from November 1 onwards.

The standard sizing system for the new GenuTrain A3 is suitable for patients with a thigh circumference from 35 to 68 centimeters.

The new generation is available in the following colors: titan, beige, and now also in black. It can be ordered from your local Bauerfeind sales representative or by e-mailing International Customer Service at